Mark Hanrahan is the founder and co-owner of Markmel Co, a company that specializes in real estate development as well as venture capital investments. Markmel Co primarily works with seed level start-up companies.

Who is Mark Hanrahan?

With more than 25 years of professional experience in the financial and real estate investment industry, Mark began his professional journey after he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Northern Iowa in 1991. Just a few years later, he received his Master’s Degree from Drake University in 1994.

He has prior experience working as a certified account with a robust clientele of happy and satisfied customers. While working for Carney, Alexander, & Marold CPA’s, he gained tons of hands-on experience. In addition, he worked in audits in combination to tax returns.

Professional Career

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After working as an accounting specialist, Mark Hanrahan went through a brief career shift to explore new options. He worked his way to become a part of Principal Real Estate Investors. There, he positioned himself at the top of the team by working as a financial analyst for the next 24 years. While he was there, he developed various new databases. These databases greatly improved their reporting process and made it much more accessible for everyone else.

While working for Principal Real Estate Investors, Mark Hanrahan set out to earn his master’s degree with full honors. With a combination of working and studying, Mark learned first hand the value of time management and work-life balance. While working towards the completion of his Master’s degree, Mark earned a promotion to become the firm’s managing director of acquisition and dispositions for the Western United States. Ever since the development, Mark has overlooked more than $10 billion worth of property transactions. He also personally managed several joint-venture partnerships. Last but not least, he is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Markmel Co.

In 2009, after two and a half decades of professional success, Mark Hanrahan wanted to start something of his own. He founded Markmel Co. as a way to branch out on his own. His company specializes in venture capital that helps the lives of others. Mark and his family accomplishes the company’s mission statement by taking complexity in today’s market. By simplifying said complexity, Mark is able to help startups understand complex ideas.

Together, Mark Hanrahan works with startup companies that are starting at the seed stage. Furthermore, they put later round investments into deep consideration.

Personal Life & Legacy

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Outside of his professional accomplishments, Mark Hanrahan is a loving husband and a father of one. When he isn’t swamped with work, one can find him spending a lot of time outdoors. He relishes outdoor activities and enjoys farming, fishing, cycling, and skiing. In addition, he has a fierce passion for participating in triathlons. As a matter of fact, he has competed in triathlons over 60 times. He also takes part in Ironman Competitions throughout the US, and has done so 6 times.

This website serves as a platform for Mark to connect with other industry leaders. Here, Mark Hanrahan wishes to humbly showcase his accomplishments while keeping an open mind for others to reach out to him. As an entrepreneur, Mark wishes to use his achievements as a way to inspire others, very much like how he founded Markmel Co. to help other startups establish their own business empire.