With a profound background in real estate investment as well as accounting, Mark Allen Hanrahan is always eager to expand his professional network. In fact, he attributes his success today to his ability to make allies wherever he goes. In addition, these business allies were instrumental in the establishment of his current company, Markmel Co. They were there when Mark needed tips and advises on how to start one’s own’s business. They were also present to make sure the foundations for Mark’s company are laid down properly for long term investment.

Mark Allen Hanrahan – Professional Network

mark allen hanrahan leaf in hand

With the success of Markmel Co, and the ability to reach out to start-up companies, Mark Allen Hanrahan wants to further expand his professional circle. He wishes to use Markmel as a way to power, guide, fund, and support other entrepreneurs. Through his company, Mark will act as a guide, counselor, and adviser.

In addition, Mark understands the importance of building a robust professional network. According to Mark, an entrepreneur is only as good as the allies he has at his fingertips. As such, throughout the 25 years of his professional career, Mark makes it his priority to build a rapport with potential business partners. He understands if a trade does not go the way one wants, one should not burn the bridge immediately. He also values working with like-minded individuals with similar work-ethic. They can be hard to come by in the professional setting.

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As the founder and co-owner of Markmel Co., Mark Hanrahan is always open to ideas. Ideas such as ways to expand the business, ways to make operations more efficient, ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality, and ways to reach out to more potential clients. If you wish to work with Mark, complete the form below and he will be in touch soon!