As a self-starter and entrepreneur, Mark Allen Hanrahan has made numerous media appearances. In fact, with the success of his current company combined with 25 years of professional experience, making an appearance in the media was ultimately inevitable.

Exclusive Interviews

mark allen hanrahan newspaper burningOver the years he’s been active, Mark participated in a few exclusive interviews. Most notably, he made an appearance on both Inspirery and Ideamensch. On those interview platforms, he discussed how he began his professional career. In addition, he goes in-depth on some of the struggles and obstacles he has had to overcome. He mentioned his education and explained how that shaped him as the personal he is today, before finally diving in deep into how he became an accounting specialist and financial analyst for over two decades and eventually starting his own business, Markmel Co. Last but not least, he talks about lifestyle choices and how he maintains work-life balance.

Feature Articles

As a firm believer in living healthy and maintaining rigorous weekly exercise routines, Mark Allen Hanrahan discussed this greatly in his feature articles. In fact, on Patch, he discussed his passion for Ironman Triathlon after 40 as well as Ironman as a lifestyle. He also goes in-depth about recovery from life events such as illnesses, substance abuse, and depression. On the other hand, he expressed his views on commercial real estate development in the Mid-West on Prague Post. There, he also talks about general tips on real estate investment as well as tips on early stage venture capital investing.


Mark Allen Hanrahan As See In The Media


Mark Hanrahan – Founder and Co-Owner of Markmel Co

Plan everything for your business and what you do outside of work. When you make that plan, you need to stick to it, so you’re not going off-track on the things you need to do for the day.

Mark Hanrahan Supports First Year University Students

Mark Hanrahan – a seasoned financial analyst with an extensive background in real estate investing, encourages individuals to aim high in their career aspirations, claiming new ideas drive progress and innovation promotes change URBANDALE, IA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2018 / Co-founder and co-owner of Markmel Co, Mark Hanrahan, is proud to announce five scholarships open to students currently enrolled in a first-year post-secondary program.

Overcoming Life Events: Mark Hanrahan’s Tips for Recovering from Adversity

Succumbing to addiction, illness, or depression is one of the most common forms of adversity faced by Americans. In fact, as many as 21.5 million Americans reported substance abuse in 2014. Furthermore, 40 million Americans are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Thus, the number of people who become victims of the aforementioned issues is indeed very concerning.

Mark Hanrahan | Exclusive Inspirery Interview

Mark Hanrahan is the founder and managing partner for Markmel Co, LLC. With more than 25 years experience, Mark has helped with the growth of one of the Midwest’s fastest growing cities.

Mark Hanrahan and Non-Financial Charity Involvement

Helping others often revolves around sharing financial resources with people in need. Meaning, providing loans, scholarships, and any other type of monetary help to them. The problem, however, is the fact that not everyone has enough resources to contribute financially. In fact, over focusing on monetary assets as the primary means for helping others reduces the scalability of charitable ideas.

Mark Hanrahan Discusses Real Estate, Accounting, and Important Skills

Mr. Mark Hanrahan is the founder and owner of Markmel Co. and a certified public accountant as well as a real estate expert stationed in Urbandale, Iowa.

Mark Hanrahan Discusses Real Estate, Accounting, and Important Skills | Prague Post

As founder and owner of Markmel Co. Mark is also a certified public accountant as well as a real estate expert stationed in Urbandale, Iowa. He started his career by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of Northern Iowa. Additionally, he also holds an MBA degree from Drake University.

Why Mark Hanrahan Sees the Midwest as a Lucrative Real Estate Investment | TechBullion

Although the booming economy helped real estate developments all over the country, the Midwest seems to be benefiting the most. With a popular list of cities that are growing in population, investing in properties in this region is quite popular. In fact, a long-time financial and real estate expert, Mark Hanrahan, considers this area the …

Mark Hanrahan

Mark Hanrahan, Head of Capital Markets & Investment Strategies, Iowa Commercial Advisors. He has over 25 years of professional experience and is the current co-owner of Markmel Co.

Mark Hanrahan – Founder & Managing Partner @ Markmel | Crunchbase

Currently the managing partner at Markmel Co., LLC, in Urbandale, Iowa, Mark Allen Hanrahan has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry as well as real estate investment…