Mark Hanrahan is the founder and co-owner of Markmel Co. Located in Urbandale, Iowa, he is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio of prior accomplishments.

Early Life & Education

Prior to achieving professional and financial success, Mark had a humble beginning. In terms of education, he went to the University of Northern Iowa and studied accounting. With a talent for math and a passion for economics, he felt that it was a great place for him to start. In 1992, he graduated with honors. Still feeling a thirst for furthering his academia, he enrolled at Drake University and pursued his master’s degree. There, he took his education one step further and graduated in 1994.

Professional Career

mark hanrahan professional careerAfter the completion of his bachelor’s and master’s, Mark Hanrahan took the dive and embarked on his professional journey. He spend two and a half decades working as a financial analyst for Principal Real Estate Investors. There, he developed a handful of new databases. These databases further strengthened the company’s overall reporting process. It also made everything more accessible. Overall, his contribution was felt by everyone on his team. In addition to starting his career at PREI, he was also pursuing his master’s degree. During this time, Mark really learned the importance of time management, proper organizational skills, and prioritizing tasks.

Now, as the founder and co-owner of Markmel Co, Mark Allen Hanrahan works with other start-ups in launching their company. He started the company with his wife, Melinda, as a way to strengthen the bond of their marriage. In addition, they wanted to learn to work together and overcome their personal problems as a way to bond with one another on a deeper level. At Markmel, their goal is to work with other start-ups that are still at the seed stage.

Mark Hanrahan – Skills & Expertise

Time Management

As a successful entrepreneur, one of the first skills Mark learned to master was time management. During the time he was pursuing his master’s degree, he was also working as a financial analyst. It took him tremendous effort to manage his time properly to not only excel academically, but also professionally.

Accounting & Finance

With over 2 decades of experience working as a financial analyst and accounting specialist, Mark Hanrahan knows the financial industry like the back of his hand. Furthermore, while working at Principal Real Estate Investors, he earned himself a promotion and became the firm’s managing director of acquisitions and dispositions for the Western United States. Since the promotion, he managed a wide range of projects and oversaw more than $10 billion worth of property transactions.

Real Estate Knowledge

While working at Principal Real Estate Investors, Mark Hanrahan gained hands-on experience and learned tons of knowledge regarding real estate markets in Iowa. This knowledge has proven to be extremely useful to him throughout the years. In addition, because of this knowledge, he was also able to close various deals because of it.

Scholarship Initiative

Aside from his professional endeavors and skills, Mark Hanrahan also launched his scholarship website. Together with his wife, Melinda Hanrahan, they wish to help out post-secondary students that are enrolled in either a college or university in the United States. With this scholarship, Melinda and Mark Hanrahan wish to help students that are struggling to make ends meet. They understand the pressures of paying for tuition in this day and age. Furthermore, as the founders of Markmel Co., which helps startup companies launch their business, the couple is passionate about helping others kick-start their career. To learn more about the Mark Hanrahan Scholarship Program, visit the official website.