As an entrepreneur, Markmel Mark Hanrahan has had years of experience with real estate and accounting. He believes that the best way for an individual to achieve success, is via hard work and persistence. He also believes that engaging in critical thinking through reading and writing is one of the best ways for people to stay updated on current events. It is also a terrific way for people to be aware of latest trends in their professional industry.

During weekends, when Mark Hanrahan isn’t busy managing his company, he enjoys spending time reading and writing. In fact, though Mark relishes in partaking in physically challenging activities like Ironman Triathlons, he believes a good mix of reading and writing will keep the mind sharp. As such, he has written and published various blogs on Medium. Medium is a popular blog sharing platform that allows users to create accounts and publish blogs. These blogs have a wide range of focus in nature and anyone can write about anything. People all over the world have written blogs of their own and Markmel Mark Hanrahan is no different.

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Markmel Mark Hanrahan – Blogs

On Medium, Mark has covered various topics. He has written about Ironman Triathlon and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition, he’s discussed recovering from life events as well as helping others and charity involvement. Finally, he published a few blogs on commercial real estate development in the Midwest and tips on early stage venture capital investing.

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Mark Hanrahan: Tips On Early Venture Capital Investment

A major roadblock for small businesses that are trying to expand is finding where to turn to access capital. “Trying to access capital for your business is completely different than attempting to access a loan for personal needs such as a mortgage or a line of credit,” says Mark Hanrahan of Urbandale Iowa.

Mark Hanrahan: Commercial Real Estate Growth In The Midwest

Although the Midwest hasn’t seen rapid commercial real estate development in years, there has been steady growth in this sector. Along with commercial real estate growth, the Midwest has shown signs of public demand for commercial property in recent years. Experts predict that these trends will continue into the new year….

Mark Hanrahan: Early Steps in Recovery From Addiction

The road to recovery from addiction is long and challenging, but anyone who has successfully made it through will tell you that the rewards are worth the struggle. Recovery looks different for everyone, but most of the time people who are in active addiction need to change their surroundings and get support to put a…

Mark Hanrahan: Training for Ironman After 40

While many consider triathlons as something that’s strictly for young people, this is certainly not the case. It’s possible to participate and even to win triathlons well into your 40’s according to experts. Professional triathlon athletes are racing well into their 40’s, which raises a lot of questions: how do they do it,…

How Mark Hanrahan Encourages Overcoming Life Events in a Healthy Way

Life never goes how we expect it to, which is part of why it’s so gratifying. But sometimes, it can give us challenges that are far beyond our comprehension. We can end up feeling like there’s no feasible way out of the challenges we’re facing.

Why Mark Hanrahan Believes the Midwest is Poised for a Real Estate Boom

The real estate market in the United States has been a source of national concern over the past decade. Financial professionals and journalists have closely scrutinized every report on home prices that has been released. These individuals want to know housing trends and the connection of housing to the future health of the national economy.

Mark Hanrahan Details How to Select the Right Area for Real Estate Development

Having property may seem like a rite of passage to success, but the path to success is not ownership; it is development. Developing real estate takes creativity and purpose. Looking at real estate and developing it unites artistry, considers atmosphere and is driven by vision.

Why Mark Hanrahan Believes The Midwest is Ideal for New Real Estate Development

Once considered “flyover country,” the Midwest has emerged as one of the best-performing areas for commercial real estate development in the United States, according to Mark Hanrahan , founder and managing partner of Markmel Company.

Mark Hanrahan on Recovering from a Mental Health Condition

Recovery can’t be rushed. It can be a long and difficult process for everyone. Also, paired with the treatment, you must find novel ways to learn to live with the challenges and changes this recovery will create in your life. Recovery Stages According to Mark Hanrahan Recovering from a mental health condition is a unique…

Working Alongside Your Significant Other – Mark Hanrahan | Official Website

Choosing to run a company with your significant other may seem like the ideal situation. You are familiar with each other and know how to make things work as you have already built a successful relationship. However, couples must understand that a business relationship is much different from that of a spouse.

Venture Capital Investing – Mark Hanrahan | Official Website

Entrepreneurs hoping to obtain venture funding should have a sophisticated understanding of the market, and an effective means to generate capital. While receiving financing has become increasingly difficult, Mark Hanrahan, the Founder of Markmel Co., LLC, located in Urbandale, Iowa, claims that a proper business strategy and marketing campaign, can launch your start-up into long-term …

Purchasing Your First Home – Mark Hanrahan | Official Website

Given the complexity of the real estate sector, first time home buyers often have difficulty navigating the market. As managing partner of Markmel Co., LLC, located in Urbandale, Iowa, Mark Hanrahan has over 25 years of investment experience in the real estate sector, which includes commercial development and acquisitions.